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ToTec Installatietechniek

Within the NIEDAX GROUP, our colleagues of Niedax Kleinhuis B.V. have been able to provide the entire infrastructure in this beautiful project, where the entire width of the NIEDAX GROUP package has been deployed.

ToTec Installatietechniek has specialized in sustainable installation of gas, water, light and electrical equipment in recent years. ToTec Installatietechniek has a lot of experience in the utility, private sector, government institutions and the marine sector.

ToTec took care of the complete mechanical and electrical installation for Renolit, manufacturer and developer of high-quality plastic foils and products.

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Why choose NIEDAX GROUP?

Matthijs Heijns projectleider at ToTec B.V.;

"Together with Ron Bakker of Royal Oosterberg, we determined the choice for the canalisation. The choice for Niedax Kleinhuis B.V. has been very positive.

Not only the solutions applied in the project such as cable ducts, cable ladders and cable ducts, but also through the cooperation and unburdening.

Because Niedax Kleinhuis B.V. checked the drawings and advised on assembly, this really saved us a lot of time.

The Niedax data frame was well received by our technicians, the thick CAT 6a cables could easily be installed by using this frame."

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