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Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

Westfield Mall Of The Netherlands

Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

Within the NIEDAX GROUP, our colleagues of Niedax Kleinhuis B.V. have been able to provide the entire infrastructure in this beautiful project, where the entire width of the NIEDAX GROUP package has been deployed.

Curious? Scroll down and quickly watch the video for an impression of this special project.

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Widely applicable

From te beginning, Niedax was already involved in supporting the consultancy and advising on the possibilities and selecting the most suitable solutions and deploying them efficiently.

For example, by means of special constructions, several disciplines have been combined on and on, which in addition to saving space has also resulted in enormous efficiency.

This applies next to the paths and corridors, where spans of up to 8 meters have been realised, as well as for the parking garage where hot-dip galvanized cable ducts and up to the basement where glass fiber reinforced cable ducts are used.

Toepassing Gang


The challenge lay in the size of the project, to coordinate everything logistically with the entire supply chain of the consultancy firm, wholesaler and the assembly company.

Where the cooperation between the Niedax project manager, the client, installation company and wholesaler went perfectly.

Video impression of Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

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