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Our Project managers and Assembly service team

Puzzle Dna

The right guidance for your cable routing

Together with our Project Leaders and Assembly Team, we jointly ensure the correct execution and delivery of your projects.

With maximum involvement, our colleagues are your external colleagues. To completely unburden you and through optimal cooperation and communication in all stages of the project.

From advice, planning, delivery to correct assembly and guidance before, during and after delivery. Everything under one roof, so easy.

NIEDAX GROUP - Partnership, it's in our DNA

Overleg Groep Partner

Together in control

Quality and satisfaction are central. In practice, this has led to the application of two methods:

Total Project Concept

Optimal support for the client by completely taking over the work to be performed with regard to cable support systems. The presence of an assembly team on the project site guarantees a good and reliable assembly of the installation.


We respond to concepts that have not yet been fully developed by the client. Due to our experienced technicians and short lines of communication with the factory, there is a large degree of production flexibility, which helps to prevent additional work and delays in projects.


NIEDAX GROUP - Taking care of and with each other

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