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What does Actemium Netherlands think of the NIEDAX GROUP?

Within Actemium, solutions from Gouda Holland and Niedax are used, which means that the entire width of the NIEDAX GROUP package  is used. Including the clickable wire tray MTC from Niedax.

Johann Kruizinga (Sr. Supervisor) has been active at Actemium Netherlands for more than 21 years and is responsible for the execution, planning and work preparation of projects.
“Why do we choose Niedax MTC? It just click and you're done!” explains Johann.

” Time pressure in projects is high, so quick assembly and deliveries are essential. It's a matter of realizing and then going, making meters! It works super fast, the couplings are very stable and strong… it's just a nice wire mesh tray.”

Want to know more about the possibilities of Niedax?
Visit the website of Niedax Kleinhuis B.V.

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How do your customers react?

“They are very enthusiastic. For example, we still had some stock on location for an expansion, but the client is already eagerly taking that away. That says enough”, says Johann with a laugh.

Recommended? “Certainly, we are positive about it and we apply it where possible!”

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