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Innocent (subsidary of The Coca-Cola Company)

GEA Heating And Refrigeration Plant
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Collaboration with the entire supply chain

The first bottles roll off the belt into the blender. The world's favorite small healthy drinks factory from innocent drinks. As NIEDAX GROUP, we are proud of our collaboration with this fully CO2 neutral electrical factory in the Port of Rotterdam.

A wonderful project that the NIEDAX GROUP approaches is for the supply and installation of cable support systems (including ladder tracks and cable ducts) for, among other things, the low-voltage cables that run through the factory hall. Bert Erdtsieck (sales manager Gouda Holland),

“The strength of the NIEDAX GROUP is that we can provide the entire supply chain with the most suitable solutions. Besides Gouda Holland, other companies from the NIEDAX GROUP also supply the supplying companies, such as machine construction, for De Blender.”

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Interdisciplinary working

Michael Evers (business development manager Niedax Group & member of the executive committee EHEDG and various national working committees),

“To stay a trendsetter, we as the NIEDAX GROUP also contribute to innovation, for example we participated in the national working group on hygienic cabling.

Based on our experience, we are able to proactively think along and we have the opportunity to bring different disciplines together in order to achieve the customer's goal using as little material as possible. This also benefits the sustainability of the project, which is certainly also important for Innocent.”

NIEDAX GROUP - because we care...

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More than a supplier

“We have production locations all over the world, including our sales and production location in Moordrecht, and we have our own assembly team”, says Remko van der Wal, project/account manager Gouda Holland.“As a result, we can switch quickly if things change during implementation.”

Because Remko, as a project manager, spends several days a week on the construction site, the parties involved also know where to find him if they encounter specific challenges.“For example, together with various parties, we have devised and installed a special construction for the power supply of the distribution building. In this way we can deliver real added value and guide cables in the right direction.”

Video impression Innocent "The Blender"

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