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Leijdsman Installaties

Together with Leijdsman Installaties, our colleagues from Niedax Kleinhuis B.V. were allowed to take care of the entire infrastructure in this beautiful project.

In order to be able to treat shoppers to these new contemporary stores, renovations of the current stores are necessary. This is also the case in Vries, where Leijdsman Installaties provided both the E and W installation.

Fast delivery was crucial for project leader Arjan Siegers.

Arjan; “Such a conversion meant that the entire building had to be gutted and rebuilt in the foreseeable future.”

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Why NIEDAX? - Arjan Siegers (Project leader Leijdsman Installaties);

"Easy; quality and available from stock. The organization behind it is also important. If there is anything, or if advice is needed, we can always fall back on our Niedax Rayon Manager.”

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The end result is beautiful and the ALDI is now open.

Arjan; ”It is always nice to be able to carry out such a project together with the right partners.”
Future - In the meantime, Leijdsman Installaties and Aldi Nederland and its partners are not sitting still and the new ALDI formula is being rolled out step by step.

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