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Gouda Holland marine ladder

SLB ZK 30 ME Marine Ladder L3m

Marine ladder

The Gouda Holland Marine ladder is a strong, stable welded ladder in the application area of Marine & Offshore (such as platforms, ships and luxury yacht building).
Also ideally suited for use in industry as a secondary cable route.

Some unique features:
    • bottom profiles flat and welded on one side
    • bottom profiles flat and welded all around
    • bottom profiles in Z and trapezoidal version on request
    • available with coupling holes for coupling with coupling plates
    • available without coupling holes for a seamless (welded) connection

Available in material types
Bare steel / Blasted red painted / Hot dip galvanized / AISI316

Available in material thickness (mm)

Available in height (mm)

Pickling and passivation of welded stainless steel parts is a standard procedure at Gouda Holland.

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