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Brabantsche Wal, part of Bieze Food Group

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Collaboration in the supply chain

Together with P. Bastiaanse Installatietechniek, our colleagues from Niedax Kleinhuis B.V. were allowed to take care of the entire infrastructure in this beautiful project.

With an eye to the harvest season, a tight schedule is essential. Everything must be ready to receive the Queen of Vegetables (asparagus)!

With the arrival of 3 halls and 1 cold store, they are ready for the “white gold”. Realizing such a project under time pressure requires good cooperation.

Patrick Bastiaanse (owner Bastiaanse Installatietechniek), responsible for the E&W installation, is very satisfied with the progress of the project;

“Delivery time was very important. Besides delivery from stock, the logistics went perfectly via YESSS Electrical Breda."

The secret? Patrick explains,

“We take care of our projects with passion and attention. The same applies to Niedax, which makes them a unique and pleasant partner to work with.”

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Niedax Alround, a real Allrounder

Patrick Bastiaanse (owner Bastiaanse Installatietechniek);

"Thanks to the advice of our Niedax Rayon Manager, we were able to make smart use of one type of solution (Niedax Alround) for both inside the hall and outside on the facade. Efficient and convenient."

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