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Gouda Holland cable duct


When using a cable duct?

With cable duct (Tray or Lock) you ensure maximum protection and the cables are routed out of sight.  

Available in both closed and perforated versions. With a perforated version, you can flexibly and safely guide your cables in or out of the system and connect them to the entire infrastructure.

Also available in various types of material, which means that there are many possibilities and suitable in almost  every situation.

Tray GPR 53 PG Cable Tray L3m


The Tray is a "Light Duty" cable duct and available in various designs, including as a NATO tray.

Tray contains continuous longitudinal slot perforations, applied according to EMC guidelines. The system can be completely closed with covers type R in combination with cover springs,
lid clamps or fasteners.

Due to the diversity in versions, the Tray is a solution that can be widely used in Industry, machine and skid builders and marine industry.

Available in materials
Pre galvanized / Hot dip galvanized / AISI304 / AISI316 / Aluminium

Available in material thicknesses (mm)

Available in heights (mm)

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Gouda Holland cable ducts

Lock OK6 Cable Tray L3m


Lock is available in a "Medium Duty" (OK3) and "Heavy Duty" (OK6) version. And is completely closable with lids, in combination with quick-release fasteners, closing straps or lid clamps.

The bottom has leak holes for the drain of moisture. And the coupling connections are integrated in the fittings, which results in a sturdy construction as well as quick installation.

With spans of 3 to 6 meters, this offers many options for mounting in and on installations. As a result, the Lock is widely used in industry, skid and machine construction.

Available in materials
AISI304 / AISI316

Available material thicknesses (mm)

Available heights (mm)

Brochures cable tray
Gouda Holland cable ducts

Poly Cable Tray


Poly (Niedax EBO) is a glass fiber reinforced polyester cable ladder and available in various series.

Glass fiber reinforced polyester has many powerful material properties. In addition to high UV, corrosion and chemical resistance, these products are also halogen-free.

Due to the low specific weight of the material, these products are easy to handle in transport.

There are two main techniques for making glass fiber reinforced polyester products, namely the drawn (pultrusion) and the pressed process (press molding).

EBO Systems, part of the NIEDAX GROUP, is one of the few companies that masters both techniques.

Brochure Poly (EBO)
Poly (Niedax EBO)

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