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Our journey - success with tradition

Historie Gruender

1920 - Our journey begins...

The first chapter of the Niedax success story is written by the Engineers Alexander Niedergesäß and Fritz Axthelm.

In 1920 they founded the Niedergesäß & Co. OHG on in Berlin. The company's product range is a response to the rapid development of the young electrical industry and the associated need for fastening and cable transport materials. Five years later, production is moved to Herzberg/Elster in Brandenburg; shortly after, the trademark "NIEDAX" is registered.

In 1928, the successful pioneers Niedergesäß and Axthelm were able to patent and patent the "NIEDAX expansion anchor plug", which has dominated the core business of the company for decades.                     

Historie Werk Herzberg 1936

1936 - location Linz am Rhein

After the destruction of the headquarters in Berlin in 1944 as a result of the Second World War and the expropriation of the production facility in Herzberg/Elster in 1950, Berlin initially remains the company headquarters and in 1948 a branch was established in Linz am Rhein .

Historie Linz Am Rhein Production Site En Headquarters 1955

1955 - Niedax GmbH is a fact

From January 1, 1955, Niedax GmbH operates as an independent company in Linz am Rhein. Niedergesäß & Co. OHG in Berlin remains an independent company.

Further patent applications complete the range, such as the cable clamp with hammer foot®.

Production Site St Katharinen 1983

1970 - St. Katharinen

The 1970s were characterized by forward-looking decisions: With the purchase of a plot of land of no less than 280,000 m² on the industrial estate in St. Katharinen, near Linz am Rhein, the production location was expanded further in the decades that followed.

At the end of the 1970s, the entire production was finally moved to St. Katharinen. The head office remained in Linz am Rhein, where it is still located today.

With the launch of the cable tray program in 1971, the foundation was laid for the transition from a workshop to an industrial production. The commissioning of its own galvanizing plant in 1975 marked an important expansion.

St Katharinen 2021

1990 - Expansion

From the mid-1990s, Niedax GmbH grew rapidly in and outside Germany through strategic acquisitions.

The NIEDAX GROUP is now a household name in the market with more than 64 sales offices in more than 34 different countries, 80 distribution partners and 21 production locations. Combined with strategic partnerships with electrical wholesalers and our own warehouses, the NIEDAX GROUP is able to operate quickly and flexibly throughout the world.

The central production location in St. Katharinen (now over 300,000m²) also houses ALLEGRO, a 10,000m² technology center with one of the most modern galvanizing plants in Europe.

Csm Spende Hochwasser 352D76e5a0

International & Local

In addition to global reach, NIEDAX GROUP also strives for a local presence. With our own sales offices and production locations all over the world, the NIEDAX GROUP has an excellent international network.

Close to the customer is essential and offers flexibility, certainty to respond quickly and support you in a dynamic market.

NIEDAX GROUP - Always close

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