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Our responsibility

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Sustainability and Social Responsibility

As a leading manufacturer of cable management systems, the NIEDAX GROUP takes its role and responsibility in the field of corporate social responsibility very seriously. We believe that transparent management and ethical standards help a company move forward in sustainability and achieve healthy business growth.

We always strive for the right balance between Economic, Ecological and Social values and standards. These fundamental core values are also laid down in our Code of Conduct.

NIEDAX GROUP - Because we care about tomorrow

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Social Sustainability & Responsibility

A pleasant, safe and sustainable working environment contributes to health and enthusiasm, with which our colleagues are passionately ready for you every day.

Safeguarding such a (working) environment is essential and has our daily attention. And the well-being of people and society is of paramount importance.

NIEDAX GROUP - Taking care of and with each other

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Environmental & Ecological Responsibility

Much attention is paid to the use and saving of valuable raw materials and energy consumption in all our departments, from production, warehouse to office. It is a joint responsibility.

Looking at energy consumption, we try to minimize energy consumption where possible and reuse energy flows. As well as preventing waste flows and reusing materials and raw materials.

Our environmental and social objective is based on continuous improvement and optimization and is aimed above the legal requirements.

To achieve this objective, we as the NIEDAX GROUP have committed ourselves worldwide to sustainable production with a focus on innovation and applying the latest technology.

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