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Combination Rotterdamsebaan engaged Gouda Holland, part of the NIEDAX GROUP, to supply and install the cable support systems for the E&I installations (tunnel and technical building).

Why Gouda Holland? We put this question to Rick van der Krabben, Project Leader VTTI Combination Rotterdamsebaan.

“I myself had no experience with Gouda Holland, but our Purchasing Team certainly did. The combination of advice, thinking along and a suitable price has led us to choose you as a partner”.

“The entire process has been a positive experience. From advice, to continuing to adapt to a changing design until the aftercare on a technical and commercial level shows that the organization is in good shape.”

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Rick is very clear about a choosing again for Gouda Holland NIEDAX GROUP,

“We will definitely use Gouda Holland again for the next project and I can highly recommend everyone as a partner!”

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