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Eye opener

Jaap Jonk (Technical Manager) about technology and food safety:

“The best way to guarantee optimal food safety is to eliminate all risks of bacterial contamination in your production environment. To do that, you have to recognize those risks first.”

"Two years ago I was a guest at a seminar of  SafeFoodFactory about hygienic cabling. There I learned, among other things, to look at open cable management systems in a new way. We are now making many of the cable routes that we used to close more accessible and thus easier to clean.”

Streamline HD Ladder I

Eliminate risks

In the step-by-step minimization of food safety risks, all fluorescent lamps and all plastic cable ties were successively removed from the production environments as much as possible. Junk:

“The presence of breakable glass lamps in production environments is a risk factor, so get rid of them. This also applies to bundle ties. They can break and are simply no longer hygienic, so they really had to disappear too."

"Because we didn't want to use closed cable management systems in which all kinds of trouble could accumulate, we looked for another hygienic solution for cable management for our new stroopwafel) (syrop waffle) line."

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Jaap Jonk found the solution in the hygienic cable management system Streamline HD cable ladders and cable holders from Gouda Holland, member of the NIEDAX GROUP.

"The Streamline HD cable management systems of Gouda Holland (member of the NIEDAX GROUP) offered a solution because they are easy to clean and do not use cable ties."


Invest in hygienically designed solutions? Of course!

Jaap Jonk is clear about investing and applying hygienic solutions;

"By eliminating food safety risks, the process area also gets a better overview and we are developing our own construction standards that we can impose on our suppliers in specifications. This in turn saves time and stock."

"Investing in hygienic design is an important matter, our entire management feels that way."

Curious about the whole interview? Read it here;
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Photo (from left to right): Jaap Jonk (Aviateur), Michael Evers (Niedax Group), Freddy van der Kolk (Rittal)

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