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Kabelgoot Tray

Gouda Holland cable duct

For easy and out-of-sight routing of cables.

These solutions are very versatile, to protect and guide your cables in a responsible way.

Fast installation and flexibility due to the perforation
slots for mounting accessories, and also for easy routing of the cables.

Kabelladder Crafty

Gouda Holland cable ladder

Cable ladders are ideally suited for longer routes or for heavy loads.

Cable ladder is a widely used solution in both utility and industry, because of the possibility of having large spans.

Due to the open construction, installing cables, just like guiding in and out the system, is very simple and flexible.

SLB MK 30 Marine Ladder L3m

Gouda Holland marine ladder

Gouda Holland marine ladder is a strong and stable welded cable ladder.

And therefore a widely used solution in marine applications and industry.

For example used as secondary cable routes, skid and machine construction. Customization is possible.

Strut Overzicht

Gouda Holland strut profiles and fittings

With strut profiles, according to British Standard, you can create any desired auxiliary construction on which the cable support systems can be mounted using the mounting materials.

In addition to the Gouda Holland cable support systems, the strut profiles are also used to suspend and assemble other disciplines.

Kabelschutzrohr System

Gouda Holland tube

Tube (conduit) protects cables in various environments and hazards.

From corrosion, chemicals to the aesthetic aspect to remove cables from sight or risk zone.

Tubes (conduits) are often used in the process where cables must be brought from the field cabling to installations, machines or in free space and mechanical protection is desired.


Gouda Holland support & mounting materials

In combination with the extensive and universal Gouda Strut range, the suspension and mounting materials offer unprecedented possibilities for supporting and mounting cable management systems and other installations.

Optimally tuned for every situation due to the various designs and load capacity.

Tandum 54 Mesh Tray L3m

Gouda Holland wire mesh tray

Open system to promote the quick in and out of cables.

As well as preventing the build-up of dirt and hiding places and "race tracks" for vermin and rodents.

It also offers the possibility of performing visual inspections.

Streamline HD Cable Holder I

Gouda Holland Streamline HD

The world's first hygienic series of cable support systems for both field and machine cabling and utility solutions in accordance with EN1672-2 and Safe Food Factory's Practice Guideline.

Unique and cleanable system, flexible installing and maintaining of cable routing without cable ties.

Prevent risks and increase cleanability.

Marine And Offshore 1028960563

DNV Type Approved solutions

DNV is a globally operating classification society for the energy, maritime, oil & gas industry in particular. And is a merger of Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Germanischer Lloyds (GL).

With various DNV Type Approved solutions, Gouda Holland offers a reliable and high-quality series of solutions.

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Surface treatments

Gouda Holland solutions are available in various surface treatments.

For example, the well-known galvanizing methods are provided by the NIEDAX GROUP's own galvanizing plant.

In addition to pickling and passivation, ViwateQ® Finishing is also used to treat the stainless steel.

Planning Tekening

Assembly & Project Service

Personal, professional, certified and years of experience.

These are just a few characteristics of our unique Gouda Holland Assembly & Projects Team, where safety is of paramount importance.

Perfect assembly and support before, during and after your project.

Gouda Holland 01

Production & Specials

In addition to a broad portfolio available from stock, it may be that something extra is needed.

An extra saving? Another sport or a sport distance? With a modern production facility we can respond quickly to the (world) market and your needs.

Together with you we think along in solutions.

St Katharinen 2021

A company with years of experience!

NIEDAX GROUP has been synonymous with contemporary and innovative solutions for supporting and laying cables for over 100 years. The combination of years of experience and entrepreneurship is the basis of the NIEDAX GROUP.

With its headquarters in Linz am Rhein (Germany), the NIEDAX GROUP now has more than 2,350 employees worldwide. With a portfolio of more than 50,000 solutions and trusted brands, the NIEDAX GROUP has become a trendsetter in the global market. The solutions of the NIEDAX GROUP are used in many projects and markets from Industry, Utility, Maritime, Buildings, Energy to Sports Arenas, Telecom and Data Centers and much more...

Continuity, vision, daring to look forward and invest in the future are core values of the NIEDAX GROUP and how the organization is structured.

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