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Safe Food Factory

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Safe Food Factory

Safe Food Factory is a platform where parties tackle problems and come up with solutions, whereby food safety in food companies is a focus area.

On this platform you will have access to the right solutions and new developments that are based on the collective knowledge and newly published practical guidelines.

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National Committee Hygienic Cabling

In the National Working Group, our colleague Michael Evers active as secretary and expert.

The National Committee includes food companies, consultancy and engineering companies, machine builders, installers, suppliers and a cleaning company. Where practice and theory have led to new insights and hygienic solutions such as the Streamline HD series.

In a video, three experts Wouter Burggraaf, Jerry Matena and Michael Evers look back and share their experiences.

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(Video with English subtitles)

Video interview Experts meet Experts by Safe Food Factory

In an inspiring interview, three experts share experiences and look back at the process of the National Working Group on Hygienic Cabling.

(English subtitles)

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